About Ryder Sales & Marketing
Jeff Ryder 
 President & CEO
'Our Mission'

To build unrivaled partnerships between our Manufacturers and Distributors through creativity, loyalty, knowledge and dedication. Loyal partnerships are successful and productive.

Jeff Started Ryder Sales and Marketing in 2011, and we are currently responsible for “Selective Industrial Safety Product Representation” 
here in Canada.

With 28 years……..we bring to the table knowledge and contacts to successfully represent you not only in the province in Ontario, 
but across this great country of ours.  

Gordon started G.P. Connections Inc. in 2018 and currently represents various manufactures in the Industrial market place throughout Canada.  

With over 25 years’ experience Gordon brings strong relationships with both distributors and end users on a national and regional level and success in business growth for the manufactures he works with.

Gord is covering South Western Ontario, Manitoba and we will be working on National Accounts together.

Gordon Paquette
Regional Manager
South Western Ontario,
Manitoba & National Accounts
Laura Smith 
Director of Customer Care
GP Connections/Ryder Sales

​It is with great pleasure that Gordon and I are excited to announce that Laura Smith has joined our organization in the position of Director of Customer Care.

Laura is a Sales and Marketing Professional with success in multiple industry channels including safety and industrial MRO & MRPO. She also has extensive experience working in the Industrial Manufactures Agency business.

Laura’s roll will be to provide marketing, sales support, CRM management and key direct line contact with you and your team as well as our distributors and end users here in Canada.

Maritimes, Quebec and Western Canada

We have experienced partners working with us
to provide professional coverage in these areas as well. 

Whether you need support in the Industrial or Safety field 
we have the team to do that.

Flexibility is what makes us your ideal partner.

Please contact me to discuss your needs